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Our cloud migration service

No two cloud migrations are the same. Our flexible cloud migration methodology gives every client a plan as unique as they are, so anyone can move from traditional server environments to the private and public clouds of their choice, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, VMware, OpenStack, and Deft. Our cloud migration checklist:

1. Discovery

To start, we get to know your core building components, the architecture of your applications, what’s driving your move to cloud, the business goals we need to meet, and the key players so we can build a cloud migration that’s right for your business.

2. Assessment

Our cloud migration assessment looks at your current workloads, server configurations (virtual/physical), network architecture, security concerns, and compliance requirements. Then we document all your system details, down to the different interdependencies that exist in each application.

3. Build

Using everything we’ve learned about your business, we’ll build out a custom cloud migration plan based on your applications, databases, storage, network topology, and servers.

4. Migration

This is where the cloud migration planning sets into motion.

We migrate you into the new environment, but we don’t stop there. Once the initial deployment is operational, cloud migration testing begins. We watch closely to get a good feel for how the new environment handles the load.

5. Optimization

Based on real-world data, we find ways to optimize your cloud solutions. We may add H/A functionality to protect against outages, or right-size your instances so you can fulfill your needs at the lowest cost. Then we start the monitor-optimize cycle again.

6. Evolution

Once all key goals have been met and cloud migration risks avoided, we move the application to its steady state where our managed services practice can run and maintain it.

Our runbooks make sure everyone has the information necessary to keep your apps running and supported through the rest of their lifecycle.

“Getting the cloud migration right is critical. It’s a pain point many people don’t discover until they’re in the middle of it.”

Jordan Lowe, CEO at Deft

The only cloud migration company letting you change your mind

Start with colocation (or anything, really), and evolve as you need to with our flexible cloud investment.

Business, IT, and financial needs change, but traditional IT service agreements don’t support this reality — they’re lock-in contracts with little to no ability to evolve as you do. We believe this is fundamentally broken. The cloud is about flexibility. 

At Deft, you can shift your IT investment as your business changes. For example, if you want to move a legacy app to the cloud, you can spend your colocation dollars on cloud-native software development and cloud resources without any fees. 

Cloud migration strategies

Every application that exists in your environment will use one of six migration strategies.

Here’s how we helped our customers migrate their applications in 2018:


Rehost: Lift and shift your application from a physical system to a virtual machine.


Replace: Move to a newer version of an existing application.


Refactor: Completely rearchitect your application for the cloud.


Replatform: Lift, tinker, and shift your application into the cloud.


Retain: Keep your application as is.


Retire: Shut down applications that are no longer useful.

Certified cloud migration

Deft is an Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner, Channel Partner, Public Sector Partner (government and education), and Managed Service Provider Partner, so our AWS cloud migration strategy checks out.

We are also a VMware Enterprise Solution Provider, an Equinix Gold Partner, a Digital Realty Trust Global Partner, and a Zerto Cloud Service Partner. We’re certified in all of the leading cloud technologies so we can provide an unbiased cloud migration offering. Whatever types of cloud computing you need, we deliver.

Customers who trust Deft for secure cloud migrations

Here are just a few companies we’ve rolled up our sleeves for. Read their cloud migration case studies:

Answers to cloud migration considerations

How do you know if my application belongs on one platform vs. another?

Different platforms have different advantages — that’s why we always let the application drive the requirements for the infrastructure.

For applications that run 24/7 and need a lot of feeding and care, our private cloud migrations options work particularly well both from a performance and cost perspective. For variable workloads, those that need to align with traffic patterns, and workloads that demand a complete kill and rebuild process frequently, Amazon cloud migration may be the better fit. And for those in the middle, we can work on a hybrid cloud adoption plan that meets all your needs.

Do you migrate to multi-cloud and hybrid cloud architectures?

Yes. We can help you create a strategy that connects traditional dedicated servers, public clouds, and private clouds together for one application (hybrid cloud), or multiple clouds from different providers for multiple applications (multi-cloud).

Do you manage my applications?

No. We offer application-driven infrastructure to give you total control and confidence that your infrastructure will support you. When we architect an infrastructure solution, it’s based on the needs of your applications and workloads. So while we do not actually manage your applications, we work with you to design a cloud strategy for the workloads they rely on.

We do, however, provide cloud-native software development.

How do I maintain compliance throughout my cloud migration?

Deft is a Type II AT-101 SOC 2 audited company and is PCI-DSS compliant. We offer Business Associate Agreements to help customers meet all other compliance requirements, including HIPAA, SOX, FISMA, and others.

Let’s tackle your cloud migration challenges together.

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