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A managed cloud storage service for everyone

Deft’s Cloud Storage offerings are flexible, scalable and secure, allowing you to dynamically scale storage in response to your unique and ever-changing business needs.

Cloud SAN Storage

Managed Cloud SAN Storage, available in both dedicated and multi-tenant configurations, is a production-ready storage environment for supporting high-transaction applications.

Cloud Object Storage

Managed Cloud Object Storage, available in multi-tenant configurations, is a cost-effective storage option for capacity-intensive applications.

If you’re already using AWS S3, we’ll give you an S3-compatible interface and API to use our Object Storage without any interface changes.

Want to augment your legacy environment with Amazon’s cloud storage?

Check out our Managed AWS Storage Gateway service →

What you can build with Managed Cloud Storage from Deft

Here’s how our customers use our cloud storage technologies today:

SAN Storage use cases:

  • Databases and ERPs 40% 40%
  • Cloud-native app data 30% 30%
  • Disaster recovery 15% 15%
  • Data archival and compliance 10% 10%
  • Internet of Things (IoT) 5% 5%

Object Storage use cases:

  • Big data analytics 30% 30%
  • Cloud-native app data 25% 25%
  • Disaster recovery 20% 20%
  • Data archival and compliance 15% 15%
  • Capacity expansion 10% 10%

“Deft’s approach is building the right solution for each customer, which is the type of partner enterprises depend on when navigating today’s complex IT infrastructures. Deft’s expertise is a great fit for customers who are looking for a strategic partner to help them make intelligent infrastructure decisions.”

Leonard Iventosch, VP of Worldwide Channels at Nimble Storage

Cloud storage technologies

Managed Cloud Storage is built using proven technologies:

Proactive monitoring and support around the clock

Should any issues or anomalies be detected, we’ll take corrective action as planned and notify you.

24×7 monitoring

  • Hardware health, availability, and performance monitors
  • Network traffic analysis & volumetric DDoS monitoring
  • Proactive monitoring (capacity, management, return to service)
  • Service configuration backup and monitor for changes
  • Custom runbook (optional)
  • Custom management and monitor development (SOW-based)

24×7 support

  • System patching and updates
  • Change management coordination
  • 24x7x365 Service Desk coverage (telephone, web, email)
  • Access to customer portal with self-serviced user permissions
  • Hardware maintenance
  • 15-minute ticket response time
  • On-site sparing of identical hardware in U.S. locations (dedicated storage configs only)

“We hadn’t even considered managed network storage for our VMs until Deft’s engineers suggested it. Instead of pushing us toward the most expensive equipment, Deft’s team was tremendously helpful with arriving at a solution at the cost that we wanted.”

Lee Aylward, Lead Developer at Ars Technica

Deploy resources wherever you need them

Managed Cloud Storage is delivered from Deft’s global data centers, so you can store anything from almost anywhere.

San Jose, California
Chicago, Illinois
Elk Grove Village, Illinois
Ashburn, Virginia
London, United Kingdom
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Frankfurt, Germany
Tokyo, Japan
Sydney, Australia
São Paulo, Brazil

Let’s tackle your cloud storage challenges together.

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