Microsoft Windows on AWS

Make Microsoft work for you — wherever you are — by running Windows server on AWS.

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Scale up or scale down instantly with Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

At Deft, full automation is our goal. As an AWS Consulting Partner, we want your cloud Windows-based workloads to run without any effort from you.


We specialize in adapting AWS CloudFormation and other IaC templates and automation to deploy and configure systems specific to your needs. From software installations to automated AD Domain operations, we use code to stand up repeatable, reliable infrastructure.

“AWS accounts for approximately 57.7% of total Windows instances in the public cloud.”


Windows on AWS lets you pay only for what you use.

When you migrate to an AWS EC2 Windows server environment, you control the usage and the costs.


Whatever your Microsoft workload, Deft can build a custom configuration for your needs that maximizes agility, security, and cost efficiency.

AWS Windows provides the flexibility for your business to innovate faster and reduce costs. Using Amazon EC2 to run a Microsoft Windows Server is a secure, reliable, and high-performance way to deploy Windows-based applications.

That’s why more than half of Windows instances in the public cloud run on AWS.

Let us help you implement or migrate a Microsoft workload on AWS.

Our experts can configure a custom solution for your unique Microsoft landscape.


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