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You can get the basics anywhere. But if you want an AWS technology partner with decades of enterprise IT experience, Deft is the right partner for you.
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We’re a team of engineers and innovators who love nothing more than solving business problems with technology. 

Whether you’re already using the cloud or still considering it, AWS Consulting from a certified AWS MSP Partner will help you make the best decisions for your business. 

Amazon doesn’t let just anybody become a certified Managed Service Provider (MSP) Partner

AWS MSP Partners are particularly skilled at cloud infrastructure and application migration. We’ve had to prove that we can deliver value to customers in four key areas:


1. Plan & Design

First, we’ll show you what to migrate, how to do it, and how much it will cost per month.

We’ll assess your current workloads, server configurations, network architecture, security concerns, compliance requirements, and application interdependencies. We’ll then build out a detailed cloud migration plan (or an optimization roadmap if you’re already using cloud technologies).

plan and design
build and migrate

2. Build & Migrate

Next, we’ll prep your applications and migrate them to your AWS environment.

We’ll apply guidance and best practices supported by the partner-exclusive AWS Architecture Center to build highly scalable and reliable applications in the AWS Cloud.

3. Run & Operate

Then, we’ll run and operate your AWS Cloud for you.

That includes proactive monitoring, automation, and management.


4. Optimize & Improve

Finally, we’ll check in on your environment to identify opportunities for improvement.

We’ll educate your team along the way. We prefer offering consultative and advisory services rather than just a break/fix relationship.

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