Network Connectivity

Get superfast Internet connectivity and data transport from our 100-GbE, MPLS-enabled network.

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Premium bandwidth and connectivity services

Enjoy 100% SLAs for availability and other guarantees against packet loss, latency, and jitter. The Deft network is supported 24×7 by our own network engineering and operational staff.

Internet Connectivity

Deft Internet Connectivity is provided via a 100-Gigabit-native IP backbone built upon carrier-class routing infrastructure. It provides ultra-high reliability, stability, low-latency forwarding, QoS, IP packet filtering, and unparalleled performance.

  • Carrier-neutral
  • Instantly scalable connection speeds on demand, from 1 Mbps to 100 Gbps and up
  • Real-time monitoring of circuit utilization, network availability, maintenance, and support tickets
  • A path-diverse network core and redundant links provide resiliency

Cross Connects

Directly connect to major public cloud providers, cabinets, on-premise infrastructure, or third-party carriers.

  • Infrastructure links: Connect your cabinet infrastructure within Deft’s network
  • Carrier links: Connect to third-party network carriers in any facility
  • Customer links: Connect any on-premise infrastructure to your colocated gear
  • Cloud links: Connect your infrastructure to any public cloud, or to Deft’s clouds

Managed Network Services

Our reputable network engineering team properly installs all of your Network Connectivity configurations, including management of:

  • Metro Ethernet
  • MPLS VPN Transport
  • Local Access Circuits
  • Alien Wavelengths
  • Lit Wavelengths
  • Protected Wavelengths
  • Managed DWDM

Data Transport

Get dedicated and private point-to-point connections between 2+ locations on our 100-Gbps MPLS backbone.

  • Ability to burst beyond committed bandwidth levels rather than dropping excess data
  • Point-to-point, multi-point, flat-rate, or usage-based billing
  • Ability to create a multi-site private LAN with our VPLS service
  • Layer 2 switching for the ability to pass any protocol data, including routing, Ethernet 802.1q VLAN tags, multicasting, spanning trees, and anything else required to support your applications, with no limitations on network topology
  • Private, protected or unprotected 100-Gbps wavelengths available
  • Custom private dark fiber and WAN solutions available between your site and our data centers



Full, line-rate port speeds
Multiple Tier 1 transit providers in every PoP
Privately-owned DWDM infrastructure with diverse capacity on all routes
Native, dual-stack IPv4/IPv6
Any-to-Any architecture supported by VPLS
Ultra high-availability and high-performance network backed by carrier-grade routers
100% network connectivity uptime SLA
Carrier neutral
Connectivity to any public cloud
Ability to use Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) communities to control BGP traffic

Network and fiber providers

Deft’s global IP backbone provides multiple redundant connections to major network and fiber carriers, including AT&T, CenturyLink, PacketFabric, Comcast, Crown Castle, GTT, NTT Communications, Telia, Telstra, Windstream, Verizon, Zayo, and more.

“When the guy who helped design the networks for YouTube and PayPal says Deft’s data centers and IP backbone are the most impressive he’s ever seen, I trust him implicitly.”

Erik Klein, Co-Founder of Endorse Corp.

Data center locations

Elk Grove Village, Illinois

San Jose, California

Frankfurt, Germany

Amsterdam, Netherlands

London, UK

Chicago, Illinois

Ashburn, Virginia

Tokyo, Japan

Sydney, Australia

São Paulo, Brazil

Connect your business to a secure, high-speed network that literally never goes down.

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