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Cloud Migration Customers

Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill

“Getting the cloud migration right is critical. It’s a pain point many people don’t discover until they’re in the middle of it.”

Jordan Lowe
CEO at Deft

Application Migration Strategies

Different platforms have different advantages — that’s why application requirements always determine our approach to infrastructure selection. Partner with us to plan and execute your move from traditional server environments to a private cloud or to AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, VMware, OpenStack, and Deft public clouds.

Application Type Migration Strategy
Critical applications that run 24/7 Private cloud migration
Variable workloads

  • Elastic Workloads
  • Ephemeral Workloads
Amazon cloud migration
Hybrid workloads Hybrid cloud adoption

Our Cloud Migration Process


1. Discover

Gain an understanding of your goals and objectives driving your move to the cloud.


2. Assess

Conduct an assessment of your current workloads, server configurations (virtual/physical), network architecture, security concerns, and compliance requirements.


3. Plan

Develop a custom cloud migration plan based on your applications, databases, storage, network topology, and servers.


4. Migrate

Migrate to the new environment and testing of the initial deployment.


5. Optimize

Monitor and optimize your cloud solutions for performance and savings.


6. Evolve

Move the application to its steady state where our managed services practice can run and maintain it.

How do you know if my application belongs on one platform vs. another?

Different platforms have different advantages — that’s why we always let the application drive the requirements for the infrastructure.

For applications that run 24/7 and need a lot of feeding and care, our private cloud migrations options work particularly well both from a performance and cost perspective. For variable workloads, those that need to align with traffic patterns, and workloads that demand a complete kill and rebuild process frequently, Amazon cloud migration may be the better fit. And for those in the middle, we can work on a hybrid cloud adoption plan that meets all your needs.

Do you migrate to multi-cloud and hybrid cloud architectures?

Yes. We can help you create a strategy that connects traditional dedicated servers, public clouds, and private clouds together for one application (hybrid cloud), or multiple clouds from different providers for multiple applications (multi-cloud).

Do you manage my applications?

No. We offer application-driven infrastructure to give you total control and confidence that your infrastructure will support you. When we architect an infrastructure solution, it’s based on the needs of your applications and workloads. So while we do not actually manage your applications, we work with you to design a cloud strategy for the workloads they rely on.

We do, however, provide cloud-native software development.

How do I maintain compliance throughout my cloud migration?

Deft is a Type II AT-101 SOC 2 audited company and is PCI-DSS compliant. We offer Business Associate Agreements to help customers meet all other compliance requirements, including HIPAA, SOX, FISMA, and others.


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